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Hopefully, someone can help me. 

My group function with the data ribbon isn't working, even though there is a tick in the "show outline symbols if an outline is applied" box. this is only impacting one tab with the workbook, not all of it.


Any ideas on how to fix this would be amazing!  




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File -> Options -> Advanced -> Show options for this workbook / worksheet: Show outline symbols, if an outline has been applied -> tick!

the setting does not apply to the entire workbook. Where it works there is a tick, not on the other sheets.


Here is an even easier way to toggle the outline symbols between fading in and out.

This show and hide shortcut is Ctrl + 8. If the 8 only uses the key below the function keys,

not the key on the Num Pad.

Activate the worksheet with the outline symbols and press Ctrl + 8 keys repeatedly to toggle

the outline symbols between hide and show.

Note: You can only use these key combinations to show or hide the outline symbols in the active sheet. If you want to apply them to the whole workbook, it won't work.



I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Very helpful, thanks


I stumbled upon a discovery as I was having the same issue even when having the settings checked to show the outline "ticks" (the "+" and "-" outline toggles).  It really is working but if your situation is like mine there are two related things happening. 
1) In the outline settings you have unchecked the settings for the outline direction so that your summaries are above the detail and to the left of the detail (opposite of the default setting), and

2) you are trying to include row 1 and/or column A in your group.

The solution if you want to keep your preferred direction settings (have your summary at the top of the group etc) is to insert a blank row 1 and/or blank column A.  Excel seems to require this space to display the "ticks".  Hope this helps you and future frustrated users.  Happy to be able to contribute a solution for once...


As an aside if there are any Microsoft engineers monitoring this site I really wish you would provide a setting option to allow this direction configuration to be the default as it makes way more sense in my application of the outline feature.  I have to change it every time and its annoying.