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I would like to compile a 100% bar chart in excel based on the data below. When I select the first two variables, excel merges 'marriage clause' and 'no marriage clause' and makes a graph per time period. I would like to put the three variables, i.e. marriage, disease, and death, into one graph, all of which per time period (so: marriage 1621-1791, 17th century, 18th century; disease 1621-1791, 17th century, and 18th century). However, excel does not know what columns I would like to merge. How can I do that?


Thanks in advance


 marriage clausesno marriage clausesdisease clausesno disease clausesdeath clausesno death clauses
17th century18121161234495
18th century107211714240



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You'll have to rearrange the data for this. See Create Excel Cluster Stack Charts for instructions.





Sample workbook attached below.