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I have already got a system for done for me to calculate the scores for stableford which i appreciated very much thank you

but now i thought i could work out a system to calculate then scores for a stroke event but i have had no success the system is for a social club which i do the handicaps for and the one for stableford works great i will attach the file which i have used for stableford if anyone can assist in helping me out i would appreciate it very much 

Ian Dawes

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@dawesy See attached. I've added a row for each scoring section so that you now Gross, Strokes Received and Net. It's easier this way. But you will note that the formula for SR is almost the same as the one for Points. It's just the first part that needed to be removed.


By the way, are you sure that the stroke indices for this course are correct. Usually, the indices should be even on the front nine and odd on the back.


No the index is correct on both nines it is the way they do it here in Australia i think it is the same in the UK the way you have done it should be ok for all handicaps from 0 to 36
Thanks again for your help will check it out and let you know if all is ok


Have written on scorecard the problem i find hope it can be sorted easily 


Thanks Ian

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@dawesy Oooops, sorry about that. Overlooked a small issue and forgot to remove a bit of the Points formula.


The attached should work now.

Hi Riny just wanted to let you know that the update you did for works perfectly and can't thank you enough for all your help.
Thanks again

@dawesy Glad I could help.