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i am trying to get a formula to score a golf scorecard where you put in the score for each hole and the program sorts out the score say if a par 4 is played as par and index is 4 and the handicap is 8 player does not get a shot on hole so he only scores a 4, and 2 points if he gets a shot on the hole he would score 4, and 3 points this would 

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@dawesy In words such a formula would be:

(Par + 2 + Strokes Received - Score) but not less than zero.


Attached a simple version of a such a scorecard 

Hi Riny tried to set up what you sent but no go think it needs a more complicated solution
Thanks for your input

@dawesy How complicated? You asked for a formula that takes Par, Stroke Index and Playing HCP into account. It can not be more complicated than that. Can you elaborate a bit more with regard how you want to use this formula and why it doesn't work for you?

How does it work when a player gets more than one shot a hole as some of our social players get up to 2 shots a hole on the index
Thanks Ian

@dawesy Ooops! Forgot about that. Changed the formula to allow for up to three strokes over par.



Hi attached is a copy of the scorecard i wish to use as you see there are a number of players and i am not sure how to insert your formula the one you sent me works ok except for someone who doesn't get a shot on a particular hole i would be very appreciative if you could work out to the formula to work on my scorecard 

Sincerly hoping  Ian

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@dawesy You need to incorporate the "strokes received" formula into the overall points calculation. To calculate all in one formula is possible but the formula becomes quite complex. Better to add a row for each player where the points per hole are calculated and then added up in the end. You can alway hide these extra rows if you want.


I took the liberty of changing some formats in your sheet


Enjoy your golf!

Hi just received your reply had a quick look and looks good will continue with the rest when I get time and let you know how I go
Thanks for your input hope i don't mess things
Cheers Ian
Hi Riny have used the system you sent and very pleased with it i am very grateful for all you have done for me can't thank you enough hopefully i don't do anything silly and ruin all you have done
Again thank you

@dawesy Glad to hear it worked!

Thanks could not have done it without you Thanks again