Get Data from PDF is missing - Excel 2019

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Hi Guyz, I want to try to get data from PDF but the option is unavailable. I am using Excel 2019 Business version. can anybody help me pls?



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goto data tab 
select get data drop down
from file>from pdf



@harshulz I tried but i don't get any option here




@talha_gamalux I understand it's for MS365 subscribers and Excel 2021 only. So, not available in Excel 2019.

Hi @talha_gamalux 


Please go to Data (tab) > Get Data > From Other Sources > Blank Query (the Power Query Editor opens). Then, in the Power Query Editor formula bar, start typing: =Pdf




If you see - as above - Pdf.Tables in the list this means your version of Excel/PQ has that function but you don't have the corresponding option/wizard in the Excel user interface/menus


If you have the function create a Blank Query, then in the formula bar enter(1):

=Pdf.Tables(File.Contents("MyFolderPath\MyFileName.pdf"), ["Implementation"=1.3])

then press [Enter] and you should be good to go

(1) Replace MyFolderPath\MyFileName.pdf with the appropriate Folder & File name


it's the same in my version ang microsoft office 2019 can't get data from PDF format


This worked for me