Get data from online service missing in Excel Office 365 E3 and E5

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Hello everyone


I have an Office 365 E3 license and was able to use the option "Get data from online services" in Excel. But now the option is missing and I supposed it was removed from E3 licenses. So I purchased an E5 license and assigned to my Office user, but the option is still missing.


Please, does someone know what has happened with this option?

If I run previous xlsx files where the option was used in power query, I am still getting the data from the online service. Also I can manually create the query to the online service and get the data, but the having the option in the menu is more convenient because it writes the query.



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Strange. I'm on E3 and it works


Hi @Sergei Baklan , these are the options shown in my Excel. Months ago the option appeared but after an update (I don't know what update) the option suddenly disappeared:



I have Excel version 2208 build 15601.20148 installed in a Windows 11 Insider running using Parallels 18.0.1 (53056) on a M1 Mac


Sorry, I have no idea. Windows version doesn't matter if that's after Windows 7. Build number is also not very important, if you are on Current channel I guess it shall be. If below channel - who knows.

Good Morning.

Were you able to resolve this. Experiencing the same scenario.

I have other users with Business Standard that is able to access these functions.

Reinstalled everything and on MAC.