Get & Transform menu missing from Excel online

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Would anyone know the reason for the Get & Transform menu be missing from the Data tab? I work for a large organization and Office tools are deployed and managed centrally by our IT department. Trying to understand if the lack of this menu is due to licensing, or due to a limitation imposed by account admins.




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@Ivo_Garcia Get & Transform (a.k.a. Power Query) is not supported in the on-line version to the same extent as what you are used to in the Desktop version.


That is strange because there are lots of videos online that show Excel user interfaces that are a lot more akin to the web version then the desktop version I have installed on my machine (Home and Business 2019). Attached a snip from one of those videos, already 2 years old, that includes the Get and Transfrom menus. Is the interface on the attachment for Excel desktop?



@Ivo_Garcia Yes! That looks like the desktop version.

Well, that does come as a surprise to me, I always thought there were also advanced functionalities on Excel online in regards to Power Query.

Thanks for the response.