Gantt Chart Calendar Population Not Working Correctly

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Hi All,


Another Gantt Chart question for everyone. I am working off the Agile Gantt Chart template and have made some modifications. Long story short, I am trying to have the calendar portion reflect the start and end dates correctly. Some work as they should, some do not although the formulas appear to be the exact same.


I have reviewed this looking at the formula view trying to identify what the discrepancy might be but have been unsuccessful. I checked the conditional formatting as well with no luck identifying the problem. If anyone could kindly review and see what I might have done wrong, it would be most appreciated!














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You mix adding a number of calendar days and adding a number of working days.

The formula in J11 should be




Fill to the right, then down (or vice versa)

@Hans Vogelaar thank you so very much! It worked perfectly. Have a great day!