Fuzzy Lookup in Excel giving very low similarity

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Hello. Today I've tried the Fuzzy Lookup addin both in Excel 2016 and Excel 365, and in both cases, very similar strings get a very low similarity (0.001) and with a slightly smaller change they don't get matched at all.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the example file from the addin folder (Portfolio.xlsx)
  2. Click the Fuzzy Lookup icon to open the dialog
  3. Select the Portfolio and SP500_data tables
  4. Choose "Company" in both left and right tables
  5. Leave all defaults and click Go to create the comparison table

Expected result: different similarity values as high as 90% (as seen in this article, with the same data).

Result I get: all matches have 0.001 similarity.


Exactly the same has happened with other data I have written as tests. I haven't found any parameter that lets me get different results.

Do you have any idea why this could be happening? Thanks!

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