Full Dark Mode in Excel

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Currently you can set Office Theme to Black which acts as a dark mode. In Word, setting this to Black makes the page dark and the text white when it is set to “Automatic”.


I was wondering if anyone had an idea if Microsoft is planning to release this same thing for Excel too? 

Right now Excel when using the dark theme makes everything dark except the cells. Which kind of makes no sense to me. This is where your eyes are most of the time. It needs to be a proper fully dark theme.


Is there a way to get a full dark mode without manually setting the background color of the cells dark and the text white? Can a plugin be made to do that while keeping the actual cell background “empty” and the text “Automatic”? Is there already a plugin that does that?



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The only way I know how to get this is by turning on High contrast in Windows. I expect that is not what you want to do