Freezing rows in the middle of a work sheet

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I have a problem with my work sheet.

the First 35 lines are data that is not needed to freeze, but there is that date row which I need to freeze, only that.

Since the list is very long over 2000 rows long I need the date to freeze so that when I scroll down the date remains frozen.

I have tried Menu View and clicked on freeze panes and selected Freeze panes only selected.

I only select what I need to freeze but the whole 38 rows freeze which are not relevant.


Is there anyone kindly who has a solution to the above.


Many thanks

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Hi, Karol!


Use the split tool in View Menu at the ribbon.  Check this link for your support:




Hi there tried it,


It is not selecting what I need I just have one line of row that needs to be frozen.


It is freezing the whole top row as well


example from A12 to a 36 needs to be static the rest can go while scrolling down or up.

Hi, again!

Check this gif with split working.  Blessings!

@karol polubinski Took me a while to figure this one out too.  You want to select the row that is directly BELOW the data row you want to actually "freeze", and select "freeze pane".  Sounds counterintuitive, I know.  But it works.

I always wanted to freeze only the middle rows excluding the top rows in the spreadsheet. Finally, I could do it today. You scroll the spreadsheet down until you see the top of the rows you want to freeze and make sure you keep it on top in the spreadsheet and choose the row right below the last row you want to freeze and click on freeze panes.  This should work. You don't need to install anything.  @karol polubinski 

Freeze panes work only TOP and LEFT portion of the spreadsheet.

It is very easy.

1. Select row just above the one u want to freeze
Press Shift & Hold it
2. Select the row just below the one u want to freeze
Release the Hold button
3. Click on View top (towards the top centre of the screen
4. Select First option from Freeze Panes
5. Smile!

@karol polubinski  It should not be hard for Microsoft to add Freeze =$35 to their application, because they use this notation for conditional formatting, to demark ranges and rows to repeat when printing.  


Until then, I'd insert a blank row at the top and use a formula to copy the value in each column in row 35 to row 1 (=A35)  copy that across all columns in row 1, then freeze row 1.   


In my case, that solution doesn't work because I'm really looking for report header functionally - a place to keep descriptive info with the data that takes up 2 or 3 rows similar to what you can place in the print header.  I'm understand that when the end user gets the spreadsheet, they will want to maximize the screen space and only freeze the column header row, but I don't want to release the data without explanation.  

@Rebecca_DH if you want rows to repeat at the top of a Report PAGE then you can use 


Page Layout

Print Titles

[rows to repeat at top] $20:$20


where 20 is the number (s) of the row to repeat