Freeze panes not working properly

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I'm having an issue with freeze panes. I'm trying to freeze the first 2 columns and the top row of a large worksheet, so I'm using "Freeze top row" for the top row, and selecting the 3rd column and selecting "Freeze panes." The row and columns stay frozen for a while, but the freeze panes command "wears off", and sometimes doesn't work at all. I'm using Excel 2016, and I've never had this problem before. TIA.

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Make sure the active cell is C2 then select Freeze Panes.


Freeze top row = Free top visible row

Freeze first column = Freeze first visible column

Usually in this case, you will probably have headings in i.e row 3. If your headings is in row 3 and you want to Freeze row 3 and the first 2 columns (A and B), you need to select cell C4. Then, apply Freeze Panes.

This will Freeze the first two columns and the first 3 rows. When you scroll to the right and down, you will notice the freezing