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I am MS 365 Family user.


Sometimes formulas work but if I touch it w/o changes it stops working.


Could someone please point me in the right direction to help me understand how to add, get into and out of changing formulas in cells with stock history formulas.  I then add another row with a date and copy down formulas to see which way my investments are going.


My formulas in the attached have worked in the past but I keep breaking them somehow when I go to add another row.  I believe that I am missing a key piece of maybe some editing information and returning back to execute the formula(s).  I also suspect that I am improperly  using “ctrl enter”, the “f4” key, the “f2” key, the “escape” key and perhaps more.  I am 75 and getting a little slower than I used to be.  Is there a good tutorial?


I would like to know more about when and how to use these keys and more to make everything work. 

And, what do I do to make the attached work where the formulas are in rows 16 through 25?


Please help.

Thank you in advance

Steve Lorentzen

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@SteveL50 Can you perhaps upload a version of that file that contains bits that do not work? The formulas look just fine to me.

Thanks for responding back to me.
The attached excel file is the spreadsheet that does not work for me. Are you not receiving the attachment or is the file corrupt?
Any help would be appreciated.
Steve Lorentzen


The sheet updated fjust fine for me.  Still worked when I introduced names to avoid relative referencing.

= STOCKHISTORY(Stock, Date, Date, 0, 0, 1) * Qty

The formula spilt as an dynamic array without issue.

Peter, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately for me I'll need more info. Could you spell out in detail how you go about making it update. Assume I know nothing about working with spreadsheets (which is pretty much true). Spell out like left click on cell b48 press enter, ctrl enter, f4, or whatever. There is something in my knowledge that I am missing in working with cells or formulas that is preventing me from making this work. Something will click for me that will help me to solve my problem.
Thanks for your help.
Steve Lorentzen


Sorry but, for me, the formula just works.  

There may be issues with the version of 365 or its update status but others are more qualified than I to comment.  @Jan Karel Pieterse 

Your attached file works fine for me, can you show us *exactly* what isn't working as you expect it to?
Your suggestion is right on. If you could provide a type of video that you can use, I'll create a recording of my efforts. I use "Debut Video Capture" from NCH and it can produce .avi .mp4 .mp5 or .wmv. Other than those I would need to find sftr to convert.
Any format the default Windows 10 photo app consumes I'd say. If it isn't sensitive, you could also just upload to Youtube and send us the link. But a workbook with three sheets, one before the change and two after the change (one showing the cells which are off and one with the expected outcome) would probably be better?