Formula Working for Only Part of a Column in a Table

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I have a formula in a Table that works for rows 4-16, then I get a #VALUE! error.  I've looked at the input type and everything else I can think of but nothing works.


Has anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas?

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What is the formula?

=IF(OR(G17=$V$4,G17=$V$7,G17=$V$14),N17*VLOOKUP(ecost[[#All],[Container]],ecost[#All],2,FALSE),L17*VLOOKUP(ecost[[#All],[Container]],ecost[#All],2,FALSE)) The column goes to row 797.


Thanks. I fear I'd have to see the setup. Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar?

@Hans Vogelaar 


Here's the file.  I hid the columns used in previous calculations but aren't referenced in this formula.


I believe this is what you were going for:

=LET(v,VLOOKUP([@Container],ecost7[#All],2,FALSE),IF(OR(G4=$T$4, G4=$T$7, G4=$T$14),N4*v,L4*v))
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=IF(OR([@Container]=$T$4, [@Container]=$T$7, [@Container]=$T$14),[@[Per Piece w/ Discount Plus Shipping]],[@[Per Flat w/ Discount Plus Shipping]])*VLOOKUP([@Container],ecost7[[Container]:[Ecost Factor]],2,FALSE)

I tried this but am now getting a #NAME? error.
This worked! Thank you!
I spoke too soon. It worked on the test worksheet I attached but when I type it into the full spreadsheet I get the same error. Is it possible other data in the spreadsheet, even if it's not used in the formula, can affect this?
My apologies. After a little more digging, I've got it. Thanks again!