Formula that pastes values only?

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Hope you're all keeping well.  I'm hoping for some help and I'm told this is the place to ask...


I'm working on an Excel sheet and need to pull data from another sheet - all seems simple enough and a straightforward formula accomplishes this nicely.  However, once I have pulled the data I need it to remain as that value even if the original sheet changes.  Anyone know if I can write a formula that does this?


For context, I am trying to track absence for a class of students, for the purposes of keeping a track of class absence rates across the full course, but there are times when someone in the class will be moved to another course, or a new member will join part-way through the course.  It's therefore important to reference the original course results information to know if there have been any changes to participants in each class, but once the information is pulled into the absence tracker for that week, the week's data needs to remain "hard-coded".


Not sure if any of that makes any sense, but hopefully someone can help!


Thanks in advance!

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Select the cells with the formulas.

Copy them.

Without changing the selection, click the lower half of the Paste button on the Home tab of the ribbon, then click Values or press V.