Formula(s) to combine columns in to 3rd column

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I've seen several examples of something close to what I'm wanting to do, but I've not seen this specific example discussed yet.


I have 2 columns with data and blanks and I want to combine the data in to a single column, but there's a caveat, some of the cells in each column both have data.


Column B - Employee ID

Column C - Employee Email

Column D - Where I want to combine


If employee ID (column B) is blank, populate column D with Email from column C

If Employee ID is present, populate Column D with the numbers in the "000000000"format

If column B and C both have data, use column B (employee ID) in column D


I've tried all forms of CONCAT, TEXT, If, OR, etc. 

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In D2:

=IF(B2="", C2, B2)

Set the number format of D2 to the custom format 000000000

Fill down.