Formula provided by MS to insert worksheet name in cell is suddenly causing circular reference

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I have been using the formula:




for years to insert a worksheet name into a cell in Excel.  However, for the first time today (02JUN2023) I am getting a circular reference error.  I am using Office 365 / Windows 11.  The error is occurring in a workbook I created in a previous version of Excel.  In other words, the formula is not new--only the error is new.

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The formula you mentioned is indeed a commonly used formula to retrieve the worksheet name in Excel. It should not typically result in a circular reference error unless there is another formula or cell reference in your worksheet that is causing the circular reference.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the circular reference error:

  1. Check for other formulas or cell references: Double-check your worksheet for any other formulas or cell references that might be causing the circular reference. Look for formulas that refer to the cell containing the worksheet name formula or any other cells that reference each other in a circular manner.
  2. Enable iterative calculation: Circular references are allowed in Excel but need to be enabled. To do this, go to the "File" tab, select "Options," then click on "Formulas." Under the "Calculation options" section, check the box for "Enable iterative calculation." Set a maximum number of iterations and maximum change values. This will allow Excel to calculate circular references.
  3. Review recently added or modified formulas: If the circular reference error started occurring recently, review any formulas that you recently added or modified in the workbook. Check if any of these formulas are causing the circular reference issue.
  4. Use the Evaluate Formula tool: Excel has a built-in tool called "Evaluate Formula" that allows you to step through a formula and see the intermediate calculations. This can help identify the specific part of the formula causing the circular reference error. You can access this tool by selecting the formula cell and going to the "Formulas" tab, then clicking on "Evaluate Formula" in the "Formula Auditing" group.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the circular reference error in your worksheet. Otherwise, I recommend... Welcome to your Excel discussion space!