Formula getting .01 cent diffrence

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in the excel sheet, we are calculating cell +C8-C28 it's getting the 0.1 cent difference

Example 25,000.00-14,809.57 = it should be return 10,190.43 but it is returning 10,190.44

in our excel sheet  25,000.00 in (C8) column and 14,809.57(C28) column

and we are using this formula to get the result +C8-C28


please help thanks 

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If C8 and C28 are cells which show the result of a calculation it is likely that those cells do not contain the EXACT values that you think they do. You'll have to explicitly round the numbers first before subtracting them to get an outcome as you might be expecting. Does this formula give you the expected outcome:


If you display more decimal places, you will most probably see that the values are not exactly 25,000.00 and 14,809.57. For example:


If it is essential to use the values with 2 decimal places, use