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Hello- I am attempting to create a budget and have run into an issue. I have been able to create pretty simple and straight forward formulas for majority of sheet but I can't seem to figure out the correct formula for the savings portion. The budget is broken down to weekly and if  I add money to my savings (which I want to be represented by a positive number) it will be deducted from my total income for the week (total out). However, if I use money from my savings (which I want to be represented by using a negative number) I don't want it to be deducted from my weekly income, instead i want it to be deducted from my total savings (my forwarding balance).I also use a formula in my forwarding balance that is a sum of each week for the month.  I have tried to think of what may work, but I am having no luck.  I am willing to try any ideas. 

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If you are looking for a more precise solution, please read the above link in advance, so you can get a more precise and accurate solution much faster.



In this link you will be able to find some examples.



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