Formula based on sheet calculations?

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For example, I have one sheet/tab called "Items" with rows for many item names listed in column A, a value in column B, and want to get a result in column C from a calculation.  (there are other things in remaining columns).   Now, in a second sheet called "CalculationWorksheet", I have various tasks listed in column A, and a calculation in column B for each task based on a factor and the input value.  All that is summed up into a result value.


Basic idea of the "Items" Sheet"

A, B, C

item1, 40, "want value from worksheet calculations in 2nd sheet using 40"

item2, 35, "want value from worksheet calculations in 2nd sheet using 35"



Without doing any Visual Basic formulas (too technical for end user), I'd like to use the "CalculationWorksheet" somehow as a function taking the input value from column B in the first sheet listing items and populate the result value in column C (result) to keep things simple and maintainable.


It's like I'd want to have column c set to "=CalculationWorksheet(B2)" to get the value for C2 and so on for each row.


I don't know what that would be called and am not finding it online.


Is such a thing possible?

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Another way of stating...
If task 1 was to mail Christmas cards to family, the tasks would be something like "verify address", "put card in envelope", "address it", "put a stamp on it",
If task 2 was to mail cards to friends, same tasks, but different # of people.
If task 3 was to mail cards to coworkers, etc...
And imagine there were 200 tasks and 70 steps per task.
Now that that's all set up, seems like the formula needs to get updated (hopefully in 1 place), because I forgot to factor in overseas addresses/postage, so it might have some conditional junk in the calculation later.

Thanks for looking.