Formula assistance needed

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I am working on a workbook and have a WORKING =IF formula, but, AFTER a certain number of rows it spits out a #NAME error, but, I have no misspellings in the formula as it has worked for the previous 25-90 rows depending on the sheet I am using.


The example below is what my function/formula currently looks like...

=IF(J3=2021,(TBL!$C$2*Thomas!C3)+(TBL!$C$3*Thomas!D3)+2500,IF(J3=2022,(TBL!$E$3*Thomas!C3)+(TBL!$E$4*Thomas!D3)+3500,” “))


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Attach a sample file. Your formula looks fine. You may have different data type like numbers stored as text or white space before or after data. These may cause error.