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I have 3 columns: Column A has numeric values Column B has numeric values and empty cells.  Column C is there to calc Columns A and B.  I'm able to return a value between Columns A and B, if numeric values are present.  I'd like to turn 0 or nothing in Column C, if Column B is empty.


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Can you show us your formula or a file?


You may adopt this approach...


=IF(B2="","",<your calculation here if column B is not empty>)


Place the above formula in C2 and replace <your calculation here if column B is not empty> part with actual calculation you are doing if column B is not empty.

thanks, here's the formula: =IF(O16>=0,O16-N16)+IF(O16="",0)
Thanks, here's the calculation: =IF(O16>=0,O16-N16)+IF(O16="",0)
=IF(O16>=0,O16-N16)+IF(O16="",0) Thanks


Trying to reflect the following in column U:

If N is >= to 0, then N-O. 

If N has no value, then column U should be 0.

@toyawallace  would this work?

iferror( columnB - column A, 0)


Hi, here's the formula to reflect to return a value if N>=0, and return 0, if there is no value in N.



Did you upload a wrong file as there is no data in the columns you described?


In the file you uploaded, the cells in column B which look empty but actually they contain a space in them. Why?

If you select all the cells in column B which look empty and press Delete from the keyboard, you simply need the following formula...


In H8








and copy it down.




I apologize, I was providing an example in my first post.  In the actual file. I need the value to populate in Column U.  The columns to include the formula are O and N.  If the value in N is blank or no value at all, I'd like for U to be 0.  If the value in N>=0, then the value in U should be O-N.

Thanks, it's still returning a #Value


@toyawallace  not sure why it isn't working if I understand what you want:


if you only want calculated if N>=0 then



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You still have no data in columns you described in the latest file you uploaded.

Anyways, try one of the following formula depending which column actually contain the data.








See which formula returns the desired output.


Hi there, you nailed it!  

This formula worked.  =IF(ISNUMBER(O16),IF(O16>=0,O16-N16,0),0)

Thank you so very much!!  

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You're welcome! Glad it worked as desired.


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show me an example of the IF statement.