Formatting date in excel to highlight when 2 weeks have passed original date

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Hi All,

Is there a way of highlighting a cell that is 2 weeks passed a previous date?

For example date below 26/03/2021 (A1) and 15/04/2021 (B1), I Would like cell B1 to highlight in color when it is 14 days since A1?


Hope this makes sense and someone can help,



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You could apply conditional formatting rule as


@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks a mill it seems to work for a single cell but when I try to format a whole column it highlights all the cells even though it is not correct all the way down. For example cells I have highlighted manually in yellow - the cells in column B are still highlighting in red when they are within 14 days,






If you Apply To entire range (B1:B13) in formula still use only first cell of the range, i.e. =$B1>$A1+14

Excel automatically iterates formula for the entire range.