Format a number like 34.8 as 34 min 48 sec


I have numeric valuess representing the number of minutes, for example 56.69644725.  I want to display it as a number of whole minutes and seconds, e.g.,


34 m 42 s


I do not want to display hours, just minutes.  For example, the value 80.69644725 should display as


80 m 42s


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You may have to break down the time by yourself. 

For example, A1 = 80.1234
The minute part in B1 = "=INT(A1)" to get the number 80 as minute.

The second part in C1 = "=(A1-INT(A1))*60" to get the second (7.4)


In D1, you may  concatenate the string as "= B1 & " min " & C1 & " sec" "

You may also consider the function TIME and write the formula in D1 as = TIME(0,B1,C1) and then custom the cell format as " m "min" s "sec" ".


Hope that this help you. 



@Man Fai Chan  Thank you.   That's a great answer!



You can use this function:

=INT(MOD(A1,60))&" Min "&INT((MOD(A1,60)-INT(MOD(A1,60)))*60)&" Sec"

Here is a screenshot

and I attached a sample Excel File

MinSec Sample.pngMinSec Sample.png


Hope that helps

Nabil Mourad

@nabilmourad Another very good answer!  Thank you for your help.

@Man Fai Chan @perkin_warbeck 


You could change the approach slightly and get it all in one cell:


=INT(A1)&" Min "&ROUND((A1-(INT(A1)))*60,0)&" Sec"


One more variant for the collection - divide number on 1440 and apply to the result custom format as