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Have office 365 on desktop. 

Always have a seriously F'ing time filling in the auto fill when numbering columns. Seriously, I type in 1, 3, do what you have to do to click on them, to get the box on the lower right corner. But nothing else. My cursur changes properly, but whenever I try to make it fill it just a) repeats the 3 numbers over and over again, or b) an error message pops up stating that the area NEXT to my cursor is not the right area space or similar. But i do not want the space next to the cursor filled, I merely want the program to fill in the count on the column I highlighted!


Now, despite having auto fill checked in advanced options, I am unable to make the feature work. I have spent considerable time trying to get it to work, I could have had 1k numbers typed in by now. 

I have confirmed that it is on in the options, I have restarted Excel numerous times, I have tried Control E to do this. NOTHING works. 

What is wrong with the program? how do I fix this feature. It is a required feature with my work. Any helpful suggestions would be amazing. Thank you in advance. 


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Hi, make sure you have the "Show Paste Options button when content is pasted" option ticked. Excel options>>Advanced>>Cut Copy Paste>>Show Paste Options button, when content is pasted. This will ensure the autofill box pops up. Else you can use the formula =A1+1 and drag the formula till the last cell, you want the serial numbers
Hi there. Thank you for response. I have checked, that is checked off.
But WOW! that formula rocks! Thank you! that is the best work around I have heard of yet.
have a wonderful day


Any updates or other ideas to resolve this issue. I have done all the suggested and still no joy! Please help! Someone!! :)