Finding a Hidden Workbook

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Hi~ I accidentally hid an open workbook and now I'm unable to find it so I can make it visible again.  I know it's still out there and open because I'm getting the warning telling me so.  Will somebody please help me find my file?  I'm using Excel 2016 in a Windows environment.  Thanks!

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Have you tried View/Unhide?





Otherwise, the window may be "off the screen". If you are familiar with vba (or you could also google for instructions to access vba, add a new module, and copy/paste a macro into a module, or post back here), then you could try this macro to get the workbook window back into the viewable area.


Sub MoveWindow()
     '//  Change to your workbook name (including file extension)
     Const wkbkName As String = "Workbook Name.Ext"
     With Workbooks(wkbkName).Windows(1)
          .WindowState = xlNormal
          .left = Application.left
          .top =
          .WindowState = xlMaximized
     End With
End Sub