Find function in VBA not working consistently

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I used a find function in VBA to find a string in a list. The weird thing is the find function doesn't work for ~15% of the strings. I tried to use xlookup on the same list and it doesn't work as well. As an example, I am looking for SSUB in the snapshot on the left in the list on the right. It is obvious that SSUB is present in the list that I am trying to search but it doesn't come up using find in VBA. I tried using xlookup and it doesn't work as well. The find function works well for all others in the list I wanted to find. I am not sure why this is happening. Anyone has this experience? 








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Can you please post a sample file with the code or just the code so we can assist you?

@Juliano-Petrukio Hi, I sorted that out. My suspect is some entries have a space after the 4th alphabet. After I used left() to extract the 1st 4 lettters, my code worked...  



Try using TRIM() as well so you can remove unecessary spaces.

Sub YourCode()
    'Your Code/Variables
    Dim CleanText As String
    CleanText = Trim(YourCriteria)
    'Your Code
End Sub