Find and Replace Error

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Good morning,


I am attempting to Replace content on a column of cells but I get an error.  This is a new error that I haven't seen before as I have used this function many times.  The workbook isn't protected so I don't know how to get around this or how to fix the issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Perhaps Look In option shall be Values, not Formulas. 

@Sergei Baklan It doesn't give me another option when I go to the replace tab.  I had looked at that before posting the issue.  When I do the find tab, the cells are already set as values but when on the replace tab it only gives me an option of formula.  I have checked and the cells are in General format.





And does "Preview" format in Italic and red  is applied to entire cell value or only to the part of the text?

@Sergei Baklan    I believe it is for the entire cell value. I can't tell that it would be any different.