Find and copy files to folders using excel.

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Hello Everyone. 


I am currently organising a historical database and need to allocate a lot of scanned filedbook files to folders named with their site location (~5,000 files to be allocated to ~500 folders). I could individually search for the file name and drag it across but am looking to find an easy way to do so. 


Using excel I exported the folder names as a batch file to bulk create the folders with each site name. e.g. Folder: 2028_A1_032. 


All of the scanned files are labeled from FB_000001 through to ~FB_09602 and are located together in one folder. 


The spreadsheet I have (see attached example) lists the folder name in one column and the associated files in the next column. 


Is there anyway at all I can use a program or anything to automatically move those files to those folders. 


I am new to coding, I am learning as I go to help with this project so I'd appreciate any help with a clear step by step. I can work on Mac and Windows. 

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I'm not sure Excel is the best tool for such task. Perhaps ask PowerShell people or like.

Thank you for the direction, I will look into it. Much appreciated.


Have your folder have been created?

extract the download zip file.

if so,move all folders like folder name to xlsx directory.

Then convert your excel list to Sheet1 one to one structure like below

oldName newName

FB... 1929.../FB


save as file.xlsx 

Then run RenAccExcel.exe 



The Exe is for windows platform.if success,you can complie it in Mac with the source codes and running under Mac iOS.