Filter using dynamic array as test citeria.

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The goal here is to find the lowest date in a list, using a unique list for match:


Tested with =MIN(FILTER($D$3:$D$32;$C$3:$C$32=G3#;"")) which gives an error. 


=MIN(FILTER($D$3:$D$32;$C$3:$C$32=G3;"") work, but the I have to copy the formual down several times, and I would like to avoid that. 


Attached example file.


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@Geir Hogstad 


This formula refers to G3# and spills the results in my sheet.

filter lowest date.JPG 

@Geir Hogstad 

As variant

    ph, LAMBDA(C3:C32),
    dt, LAMBDA(D3:D32),
    u, UNIQUE(ph()),
    MINIFS(dt(), ph(), u)

@Geir Hogstad 

VLOOKUP with the date sorted in ascending order: