Fill Cells with biweekly dates

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I am trying to fill the dates in a column with biweekly dates.  Can someone tell me how to do it?  I'm thinking I may need to use a function???

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@Caperdeb1952  There are a few options.  The easiest is type the first 2 in and then highlight them and then drag the little box in the bottom right corner down as far as you need.  Similarly you can use the Home-> Fill -> Series... option.  If you type the first 2 in, it will automatically fill in the boxes/options:


Lastly, you can use a formula.  But there are lots of formula options depending on what you want to base the calculation on (i.e. previous cell + 14, or fixed date + 2x number of weeks, or ... )


Wait, by "biweekly" do you mean 2x a week or every 2 weeks?