Fill a column with text only in the 1st cell of each unique row

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I have a table of data coming into an excel sheet but only the 1st row of each unique value has a label, how do I fill down in excel such that as a new value is encountered it fills from that point to the next unique value and so on.

row 1    Product A

row 2    Blank (but want to fill as Product A

row 3    Blank (but want to fill as Product A

Row 4  Product B

Row 5-10 Blank (but want to fill as Product B)

and so on. 

Data set contains a lot of rows and multiple products with varying rows of data so not ideal to have to drag each section down

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Considering the first value of your column is "Product A", select the whole column and apply filter.
Then you filter only the blank cells.
Considering the first product is on Cell A1, you need to select all blank values of your filter and apply the formula
=A1 and then press CTRL+ENTER
After you can clear your filter and the magic is done.
Remember to copy and paste special values to replace the formula