F9 Evaluation KEY to be available inside LET Functions throughout Excel, PQ, BI (That is Missing)!

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I couldn't see any benefit of using LET function, because F9 Evaluation key is not working inside LET, and that makes it very difficult to use it. I request Microsoft team to add F9 key throughout its product, whether PQ, BI or any function, F9 evaluation key must work, NAME Error pop in when pressing F9 key. I even sent the screenshots through Excel 365 feedback/suggestion, but no response.


Screenshot attached.

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This is the syntax you have to use in order to calculate the result of a name (name1 equals u in this example).

Syntax of let function is:    =LET(name1,name1_value,calculation_or_name2.......)

"   calculation_or_name2  "  allows the calculation of the result of u (=name1) in this example.


The formula which I mentioned in pdf is absolutely correct. The issue is, inside the LET function, we cannot able to evaluate via F9 key. And this is the real issue in the newly LET formula, F9 evaluation key must work throughout excel platform.


Afraid that will be fundamental change. That's like if you write any code, e.g. on VBA, select any string within it and would like to see what it returns pressing F9.

F9 evaluation key is available in Excel, but unfortunately inside newly build LET function, it is completely ignored. MS should look into it. Moreover, this F9 evaluation key must be made available across Excel platforms whether PQ, BI etc.
I totally agree with this complaint, I have lost already many unnecessary hours debugging LET formulas, with F9 it should be easy to exclude or affirm your declared variable as bug source. Very annoying! Please fix!!!