Exporting all rows where a word was found using Find tool

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I would like to somehow export from a spreadsheet all rows that contain a word in it. I can find these rows by using the "Find" tool - and when I select all the items that are found with "find all" they get highlighted on my spreadsheet but I can't figure out how to export all the rows where there is a cell that contains that word.


Basically I have a contact list of over 2K contacts and am trying to narrow it down to only certain people by finding those that have a keyword in their job title or company title columns.



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Click in the data and select Sort & Filter > Filter on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Click the filter arrow in the header of the Company or Job Title column.

Select Text Filters > Contains...

Specify a keyword and click OK.

You can then select the filtered rows, copy them and paste them elsewhere.


perfect thank you!
Does anyone know how to do this if the terms are spread across 30+ columns?