Exell: Freeze Pane command will not work?

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I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet, however "Freeze Panes command" will not work.  It is displayed but not same print color as others.  

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Like so? Freeze Panes being greyed out?


Most likely, you are in Page Layout viewing mode.



Switch back to Normal and the button will become active again.


@JTuohig I would first confirm if any hidden rows, columns or layered conditional rules might interfere with freeze pane rendering. While the command appears active, obscured gridlines could hide the partitioning visually. Eliminate red herrings. Additionally, explore the workbook color theme itself as the root apparent difference. Excel can act buggy toggling certain combinations of formats. Adjust the theme temporarily as a test.


And don't overlook graphics drivers! Once when dealing with display irregularities, a video card update alone resolved funky Excel behavior without further tweaks. Modern releases fix various bugs. Finally, migrate the contentious sheet to new workbook file. Isolating the environment away from something subtly corrupted in the original aids diagnosis. Just mind formulas references get patched accordingly post-move.