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I am attempting to transfer a column form one spread sheet to another. There are 245 items in the column and I have checked that there are exactly the same number in the spread sheet that I am transferring to. I have used a suffix number to ensure that the items register correctly. When I copy  the 244 items and paste them into the recipient column only 207 get transferred? What am I doing wrong or missing??

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You're going to need to give us more detailed information, maybe accompanying it with either images or links to the actual spreadsheets (in GoogleDrive or OneDrive) so long as they don't contain private or proprietary info.


In the way of "more detailed information" perhaps you could describe the precise steps you've gone through.

  • Among other thing, you mention that you "used a suffix number to ensure that the items register correctly." What exactly do you mean? It's quite possible that the glitch is to be found there.
  • You also do this transfer by means of Copy and Paste, which is using a blunt instrument to accomplish something that a formula might well be able to do. Let me ask: if you just copy and paste those same rows to a totally blank --brand new--spreadsheet, do they all get across?
  • I'm not addressing the fact that you mention having 255 items in the column, but then talk of copying 244...I'm going to assume one of those is a typographical error...but precision does matter in stuff like this...