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Hello Everyone

Please, I want to categorize the names of students under a certain number from a column that already exists.. meaning I have a group of names in a column and each name has a different number in another column, let it be 270,280,273. Which I need to classify each student under each number.

Thanks a lot

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What is problem you are facing to do that? What will be class for each group of numbers? What result do you want from your input data?
I want the method or the equation.. and the result is that under each degree there are the names of the students who have obtained this degree

Incase you need name of respective number, then use Vlookup or Index match formula.

I guess you need unique id for each student, in that case just create by your own idea like
Academic Year 2022 Students major subject 01 Science, 02 Mathematics, 03 Computer Science etc., Student Roll Number 270. First four digits can be academic year and next 2 digits can be subject and then roll number, finally you can put like 202201270, 202202280 etc.,