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I need to make my excel worksheet fit the whole printed page. It all fits on one page now, but I need to stretch it to fit the whole page.
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Here is some information

Scale a worksheet

If your worksheet has a lot of columns, you can use the Scale to Fit options to reduce the size of the worksheet to better fit the printed page.

Follow these steps: click on the upper link.


Scale the sheet size for printing

You can reduce or enlarge the sheet size for printing to fit the page width, or on a specified number of pages.


Set or clear a print area on a worksheet

If you print a specific selection on a worksheet frequently, you can define a print area that includes just that selection. A print area is one or more ranges of cells that you designate to print when you don't want to print the entire worksheet. When you print a worksheet after defining a print area, only the print area is printed. You can add cells to expand the print area as needed, and you can clear the print area to print the entire worksheet.


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