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Is there any way to set up specific permissions on different worksheets in one Excel file? Meaning, that one person will be able to see and edit the worksheet, and second person will not be able to view or make changes.

I check other questions in the forum and I believe the answer is no for the view part, so if I'm correct - is there a way to do that using 3rd party tools or specific coding?


(Using 365)



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What kind of information does the file contain? If the information is sensitive I would recommend to make sure the file only contains the information a user is allowed to see. All other options may lead to situations where the knowledgeable user will be able to get at information that was not intended for him/her to see.
In my opinion, Excel is not the right tool for this job. A database system -including the right setup of users and roles- is.
Thanks for the reply! I got the information I need