Excel Workbook on new Macbook Pro not closing all sheets when File,Close is executed

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I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro (I also have a Windows Desktop).  Since I subscribe to Microsoft office, I downloaded all those applications to the new computer. I have a number of Excel workbooks with multiple sheets that open when I open the workbook, and I expect that they all will close when I try to close the workbook.  But on the MacBook Pro, executing File, Close only closes the active sheet, leaving the rest open.  I don't know for sure whether this was always the case, or whether I inadvertently did something to cause the workbooks to behave this way.  I note that the drop-down list obtained when clicking on "Window" in the toolbar shows the workbook sheets, some with a black dot to the left of the sheet name and some without the black dot.  I do not know what the dots mean, and looking through preferences, I don't see anything that helps me with this issue. 



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Another thing I noticed that may be related to the problem described above, is that the "Arrange all sheets of active workbook" does not work.