Excel word wrap inserts blank line when printing work sheet

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I am working with two sheets in Excel.  Sheet2 hosts raw data, while Sheet1 hosts a pivot table to display charges due by each month and types of charges (Need to fit 13 columns in 1 sheet).  In order to fit 13 columns in one sheet, I had to add "word wrap" to Charge Type (A1 column) since charge type names could be quite long.


Issue:  Visually, everything seems to fit in one page even when I do print preview.  I do notice when viewing sheet in "Page Layout" A1 column width pixel do not match  (Page Layout shows column width greater by about 7 pixels).  This causes word wrap to insert blank line since "Real Estate Taxes" is now able to fit in its normal row height due to increased column width.   When I print my page, it shows blank row/space, which I cannot figure out how to get rid of.


Any help or insight would be helpful!  Attached is an example of this issue.  

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