Excel wont save to pdf

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My 365 version of excel has suddenly stopped saving worksheets as pdf. Help!

All updates are present. Have tried various sheets and all the same. Have tried restarting windows and creating new excel files. Just cannot now save anything as a pdf, even though the option is present in the File>save a copy drop down box. Message says "document not saved!".

Can I delete the excel app and reload?

Any ideas please


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@Sergei Baklan 

Re installed all the apps from 365. Problem persists. Noticed its all the programs not just excel. 

Any other suggestions?


1) In Windows settings find "Turn Windows feature on or off", deselect "Microsoft print to PDF", reboot, go back and enable this feature

2) Try if it works in safe mode from Excel or any other Office app (Win+R -> excel /safe). If works in safe mode, disable add-ins one by one in normal mode and test if someone affects

Have no idea which are other variants if only to do clean repair of Office as in above link.