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I use in excel (=HYPERLINKKI($H$1&A51&$B$1&D51&$C$1)) after some times of using it automatically stops working. I get an error message.


If I change parameter it works again. Probably somebody thinks that i am a robot. I am not. I am just a fast reader and fast data searcher

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Hello @PetriN2040,


  • What is the error message that you are receiving?
  • When you receive an error, is the hyperlink receiving an error a valid web address?
  • Excel limits a cell's width to 255 characters; is the hyperlink receiving an error within the 255 character limit?
Hello PReagan,

The message is something like "could not open the link". Link is an ordinary copy of a google search. I could execute it at the same time in a browser.

The problem must be that I search data too fast because usually when I create a similar excel there will popup a captcha check to check if I am a robot or not.

Then after awhile the error appears. It will start working ok after a short break.

This a microsoft bug I believe.