Excel Web App - freeze BOTH first row and first column AT THE SAME TIME

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Can someone tell me the secret to freezing at the same time, together, simultaneously the first row and first column in an MS Excel Web App spreadsheet.


At this time I can only lock one at a time.


I find it hard to believe that you cannot lock both (rows and columns)  at the same time on Excel Web App version.  Does this mean that no one builds large spreadsheet +50 rows long and +20 columns wide?


I am getting a run around from Microsoft to get an answer to a simple and reasonable setting.





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@RHA1705 To freeze both the first row and first column, select cell B2. On the view tab, select "Freeze Panes".

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 09.31.14.png

This freezes the rows above and columns towards the left from the active cell. 


Do you mean you have no Freeze Panes in your Excel for Web?




Thank you!


The right solution.

You should have thousands of likes for this!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Thank you! It worked like a charm.
Thank you very much. It Really worked.