Excel unresponsive

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Hi, I have a new Dell XPS 9520 with Win 11 Pro build 10.0.22621 and running Excel in Microsoft 365 Version 2210 (Build 15726.20202 Click-to-Run). On this computer Excel "freezes" very often after entering very simple formulas in new and empty workbooks. By freezing I mean the cells become unresponsive and it is impossible to edit formulas or do any operation in the sheet. Excel itself doesn't crash and actually the scroll bars are active. Clicking the cells to edit is unresponsive unless I either 1) Click on another Workbook or 2) Click on another application then return to my original workbook which is now responsive. No data loss, Excel has not crashed and I can continue on as if nothing happened. It comes back to life until the next freeze. I have already performed all the operations described here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/excel-not-responding-hangs-freezes-or-stops-working-37e7d... without any improvement. Can somebody help?

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