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Hello :)


I have a need to create an Excel sheet that will have the name of all the trainers and a list of training planned. The Excel must be for the fiscal year 23-24, so from april to march. I would like to be able to see which trainer is available on certain dates to give a training or not. 


So for example, I would like to give a training next week. I have 20 trainers in total in my team. 2 of them are already planned to give a training, and a third one will be on vacation. I would like to have then the list of the 17 trainers available for next week (exclude the ones unavailable). 


I started by using the Excel Gantt Chart Template available on the internet, but my issue is with the part where I cannot seem to see which trainers are unavailable for a certain date. 



Is it doable ? Can someone help me with my issue ? :)




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I think the easiest most straight forward would be a table with trainers down the left and dates across the top and insert a letter code under each day the trainer is busy (i.e. you can letter code all the different training session/types and add codes for vacations, meetings, or other 'busy' reasons).
Hi mtarler :) Thank you for your quick response !
And do you know after that I could I filter the line ? So for example, the trainer is giving math class this week but all the others are giving the gym class. How to know then which trainer is available ? How can I filter my classes based on a letter in the line ?

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@AudreySC  I attached a very quick example of my thought:

create table and enter training letters. so left side shows trainers A-F and they are teaching (m)ath and (g)ym the first week in april:


If you want to see who is open on Wed 4/5 then use that dropdown and filter by blank:





@mtarler amazing thank you !!