Excel theme black and font list

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how can you solve this problem with the black theme?





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I have no idea what might cause this. Have you tried a repair of Office?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


I have 2 machines with the same problem.

Selecting the black theme in the fonts list box is almost impossible to read the text.

If there are no ideas about it I will change to dark gray ...




Maybe your Windows theme affects this too? I have no idea. I'll try to get someone from the Microsoft accessibility team to look at this.
Thanks for taking an interest in the problem.
@ZigoZago what is your version of Excel (file, account) and also what is your windows version?
Hello Zigo Zago. You've got a very interesting problem. Several of us (including a few people on the Excel team) have tried to reproduce it and we can't.

If you go to Excel's Help Tab and Send Feedback. Choose "I don't Like Something". In the comment, put @ZigoZago from TechCommunity so they can find your feedback.
Make sure to include an e-mail address so they can ask questions.
The submission will send enough telemetry that they can know your Windows OS and which version of Excel and will help them to get to a solution faster.

In a very strange geek sense... you've done something remarkable - the first to document an odd bug. When you find it and it gets fixed, you can brag about it to your friends and co-workers.

Let us know after you've sent Feedback so the Excel team can find it.


Is that only for fonts or for other gallerias as well? E.g. formats


Just fonts.
with this version
Microsoft® Excel® 2019 MSO (Version 2112 Build 16.0.14729.20038) 64-bit

seems solved.