Excel Text Box - how to exact copy text & formatting to text box on another sheet

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I am wanting to know is it possible to have a text box on one sheet of my excel file be copied with the exact same text and formatting (ie with bold, underlined on specific text areas) to another text box located on another sheet within the same spreadsheet.


I am creating a report - will have the protected finished report on one tab and the editable fields on the data entry tab on the other.


I have tried the a few options to try and copy the text over from a cell, however, takes just the text although not the formatting. Any ideas most welcome.


PS I am not an excel expert, so apologies if this is basic stuff :)





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Instead of using a text box, I would make one big cell. Either by resizing a single cell to fit your data and using "Wrap Text", or you could merge cells to create one big one to enter your text into. From there, you can use the "Format Painter" to copy the format from one cell to another. 


In general I would try to avoid using text boxes in Excel.






Sorry but this does not work if you want to have one big cell but leave the rest of the column or row the original size.