Excel Table issues on refresh

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Hello! I can add columns to the left of a table hit refresh and that new column stays, why is that no

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Hello Josh/@jtaddy1987 


I read your issue description a couple of times, though I don't understand

Could you dev. a bit/clarify, provide a bit of context and possibly post a couple of pictures to clarify things?


Also, Excel version? Windows/Mac?


So I have a power query that I refresh with new bank information daily, but one of my bank accounts given certain conditions needs me to manually add a row for new data....However, when I go back into refresh, the row I manually added disappears. However, when I add a new column to the table, I don't have the same issue.


Power Query ignores all manually added to the table columns and refresh only the columns with fields it returns. That means if some data in such column it won't be in sync with returned by Power Query records.

Blank row could be added within Power Query. If you need to do some calculations within such row perhaps that could be done in Power Query. Another way that's so called self-referencing tables when you query again returned by Power Query table and merge it with queried new data to keep manually added data in refreshed result. For that you need to have unique ID for each record, which as well could be generated by Power Query.


Above is bit abstract, that's better to discuss on sample file with indication which result is desired.