EXCEL: Sum of the multiplication between two tables with the criteria matched

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I have this issue, where I need to multiply between two tables with the same header.

For simplicity sake, let's just put 3 products - Product A, B, C.

I have month-end data for both month-end price and quantity at hand in two separate tables (however, when extracted they are not sorted in order).

Is there a way I can get the total month end value in dollars (i.e. Quantity A * Price A + Quantity B * Price B + Quantity C * Price C + ...)?

Or the only way is to sort both tables each time and use SUMPRODUCT?

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If dates are in different order first you need return dates


e.g. as 


and at the right calculate price for each date



@Sergei BaklanI get this, thanks!

But assuming the table is not sorted accordingly: e.g.

Price table is sorted like it's Product A, Product C, Product B; whilst

Quantity table is sorted like it's Product A, Product B, Product C


The solution proposed would not work right?

So the best way is to make sure both rows / column headers are sorted, and there isn't an alternative to it?



If columns are in different order you may use nested XLOOKUP to take proper columns